Creation of 2D animated videos about your business.

You can order an animated video on our website, and in two weeks you can enjoy the result! Our web design studio follows the trends in advertising and is ready to surprise you! We like bright promo that attracts attention, evokes emotions, is remembered and sells the services of companies! We offer you great video creatives!

30 and 60 second-videos will grab the attention of your customers! You will become more interesting and noticeable! It's time to grab all the attention on yourself!

Contact us, we provide a full cycle of services from idea to voice acting and animation. First you need to discuss your field of activity, find out about your services that you would like to advertise. After that, you will be provided with a brief list, a questionnaire, by answering the questions of which we can clearly understand what an animated cartoon about business should be about.

Our team will help you write the text, which will be recorded by voice in the studio with a professional voiceover. For the text and wishes, we will come up with a script and create a business cartoon! The term of production is from 7 working days if the timing does not exceed thirty seconds! With a busy and longer cartoon, it may take about two weeks. You just need to fill out the briefing, we will do the rest for you.
Creation of 2D animated videos about your business.
Creation of 2D animated videos about your business.
Animated content for business

Various advertising techniques (outdoor and indoor advertising, presentations, audio and video recordings) are used to promote the business. 2D animated videos appeared relatively recently, but gained incredible popularity. 2D animation can be seen everywhere today (on TV screens, on the web, in cinemas, on billboards, etc.). We unintentionally but constantly encounter and interact with it. The essence of such an advertising tool is to deliver clear and accessible information to the target audience, as well as the ability to give visual answers to questions of interest.

What is 2D animation?

Why are animations created in 2D? The purpose of such projects is to appeal directly to the product, while the presentations created in 3D are intended to popularize the image of the companies as well.

Despite the fact that the 3D version is considered more modern, it is 2D animation that is the main type for creating videos. Considering that video content has begun to increase its volume very intensively, more and more companies are paying attention to the possibility of using animated elements to promote their organization, attract customers to it, and popularize it. As practice shows, a professionally designed creative animated video can increase the conversion rate by at least 20%.

What is the main advantage of animated advertising tools? This is perhaps the main question. Unlike other types of advertising, 2D animation is able to draw huge attention to the viewer in several ways:

• visual impact;
• auditory impact;
• kinesthetic.

So what is 2D animation? The main essence of 2D animation is the ability to present all kinds of details and characters in 2D space, which are characterized only in width and height. 2D material is a common traditional style that has been actively used for several centuries. Of course, today this animation format is more perfect, which is associated with the development of innovative information technologies, which allows the process to be digitized using special programs that allow reproducing the most non-standard ideas and animating them.

There are two types of animated advertising variations:

• Simple type. The principle of operation lies in the use and application of ready-made graphic materials that can be provided by the customer or taken freely on the network. These are inexpensive materials that only motion designers are involved in developing.

• Complex type. The development process is quite complex. An experienced animator is involved in it, who independently draws every detail, every character, every object. After drawing, the motion designer is also involved in the process, carrying out the process of animating objects. The cost of such options is much higher.

Goals and objectives of 2D animation

Regardless of the format in which 2d animated videos for business are developed, they are all designed to solve specific goals and objectives. So, developing such an advertising technique, its goal will be to create the most impressive and realistic plot. For this, experts often use the Disney animation system, which is based on the following principles:

• Flattening and stretching. This method allows you to give characters and details a certain weight and volume.
• The effect of anticipation. The viewer must know in advance what will happen in the plot.
• Professional production. All characters must have a clear intention, expressed in posture, action, movement.
• Choice of techniques for creating animated actions. Developing basic poses, complementing them with transitional poses or developing individual scenes.
• Completeness of actions. The actions of the characters must completely coincide with the movement of body parts.
• Realistic actions. This method is based on the development of more frames of the beginning and end of the action, which makes the movements closer to real.
• Rounding. The method allows you to add a circular movement to the characters.
• Secondary actions. Technology is used to highlight important actions by bringing them to life.
• Time control. The timing of the scenes in the video must be adjusted.
• Exaggeration of movements. The technique is used to highlight the most significant points or ideas.
• Volume. Despite the fact that the elements are prepared in a two-dimensional format, all the details, symbols, characters should look as if they have such a volume.
• Attractiveness. Only attractive characters will be of interest to the viewer.

It is these principles that make it possible to create exclusive advertising tools for business in a two-dimensional space.

Animated videos for business are designed to solve several problems. The main ones are to establish an emotional connection with potential customers and the ability to profitably distinguish a company in a highly competitive environment. At the same time, such tools help to solve a number of related tasks:

• Sell a product or service. The appeal in this case occurs by explaining the main advantages of a product or service. In this case, we are talking about intellectual advertising, which is not about imposing unnecessary goods and services, but about the ability to give a clear explanation of why the presented product or service is the best. Such a task fosters a call to action.

• Training. Creation of an animated video instruction in which there is an unobtrusive, simple and accessible training for everyone, for example, using a payment terminal or other service. Educational videos in two-dimensional format are often used by companies to conduct educational trainings, courses.

• Presentation of goods, services. Animated video creation to order is often used in presentations. Such an advertising tool is well remembered and is more preferable for the public than a standard presentation, characterized by a long timing and a different narrative structure.

• Information. This type of video animation is short and is designed to convey an important message to the viewer (planned event, announcement).

• TV broadcast design. Typically, such videos are ordered by television channels for packaging TV programs, TV schedule and news. Such a tool is quite specific and belongs to a separate direction of motion design. Otherwise, it is called broadcast design.

Features of animation materials

Unlike other types of animation, 2D animated video has a number of distinctive features. Such an advertising tool is distinguished by a short video clip. It should be noted that in animated videos everything (background, characters, details, objects) is just fiction and is completely drawn. Such tools are actively used on television during presentations of various business projects, in the educational sphere, in the field of culture, as an advertising tool for attracting people to a product or service.

Another difference between animated videos is the fact that there are absolutely no script restrictions in them. This is what allows specialists to find the most non-standard and creative plot solutions and ideas. Characters in animated videos can perform unrealistic actions, for example, people can fly, animals can talk, etc.

Speaking of classic animated videos, in this case the artists provide frame-by-frame rendering of the entire video. This eliminates horse racing. Thus, the movements, facial expressions of the characters become smooth. It is very important to render every frame with the smallest detail. Often, details are refined using digital methods, but all the outlines are drawn by hand. Their tinting is carried out through the use of graphic editors.

It should be noted that the creation of animated videos is conditioned not only by the broadcast on TV. They can be Internet oriented. In this case, Flash animation is used. Its feature is the ability to simplify work and reduce the file. In special programs, the creation of video materials can be carried out by frames, by the transfer method, by the skeleton. Sometimes the elements are looped and do not change for a certain time.

How are 2D videos created?

Unlike other advertising methods, animated videos are understandable for all categories of the population, regardless of age and status. This is what allows you to convey the necessary information as efficiently as possible to each viewer. Professional and interesting video materials will increase the loyalty of potential customers to the advertised brand, specific product or service.

Animation is widely used not only for developing commercial advertisements, but also for creating social videos. That is why social advertising companies actively use such a tool, which allows the best way to convey information to the viewer.

Our company is professionally engaged in the creation of animation videos for companies of all directions of any complexity. The process itself is quite complicated, but, despite this, it is very entertaining, and the final result will surely pleasantly surprise the client.

Creating Videos for Business: Process Steps

• Development of an idea. Any process starts with an idea. The best specialists with creative thinking are connected to it. You need to understand that creating videos requires market analysis. A group of specialists proposes their ideas, brainstorms are held, all kinds of discussions, contests are arranged. This is what allows you to select the best idea that will form the concept of the video and will be further implemented.

• Script and storyboard. One of the most complex processes that allows you to create professional animated video material for business. Copywriters are involved in the work. At this stage, work is underway on a storyboard, where each frame is described in detail, specialists are working on the frame rate, on close-ups, camera angles and lighting.

• Voice acting. Not a single advertising animated video content will carry the necessary semantic load without voice acting. Active work is underway to select suitable voices. Preliminary records are prepared for analysis and evaluation, after which the best options go to the final record.

• Animation. Professional animation video creation is not complete without this stage. All prepared shots are collected into a single whole, and the video gets life, creating a complete picture.

• Music and sounds. As in movies, music and all kinds of sounds play an important role in the development of a project. Sound design creates accents on more significant shots. Therefore, those who prefer to order animated videos should be ready for a difficult and sometimes quite lengthy process.

• Analysis and revision. Developing animated videos for business, at each stage, they are finalized and adjusted. This allows us to take into account all the wishes of customers and ultimately create a unique, interesting and very effective advertising tool.

Why is an animated promotional video needed for your business?

More and more companies and various organizations have recently resorted to using such a tool as animated videos. We have already talked about the advantages of such materials, and now it is worth telling why you need such advertising tools.

• Beneficial to distinguish from competitors. Digital marketing has quickly become a competitive market and, of course, it will not be easy to stand out in such an environment. By creating animated videos, you not only set yourself apart, but also set yourself apart from competitors and open up incredible opportunities for translating the most unusual concepts into reality.

• Anime video is better perceived by potential clients. Scientists have proven that 85% of the information received is perceived by the eyes. Due to the fact that animated materials make complex information very easy for visual perception, they are well remembered. A single viewing of a professionally designed animated plot will allow the viewer to get a complete picture of the product, services, and service.

• Animated stories are great fun, inspiration, and an effective way to educate. When deciding to buy a product or service, each client wants to receive information about how useful it will be for him. It is video content that allows you to get the most complete information, and a creative approach to it will make viewing even more interesting and exciting.

• An excellent strategic move for social networks. In recent years, the global network has been developing more actively. Therefore, many companies decide to develop custom animation videos for the Internet. It is through social networks that effective business promotion is carried out. Animated video content will help to attract the attention of potential customers, in detail, but at the same time, it is easy to tell the necessary information that should be conveyed to the viewer. Such a tool will allow you to reach the widest possible audience of clients, not only in a particular city, country, but all over the world. High-quality content can become a real "virus" that is rapidly spreading across social networks.

• No restrictions on creative possibilities. If the standard outdoor or indoor, so familiar and already boring enough for us advertising has certain limitations, then the creation of animated video content solves these problems. You yourself can become the author of the script and ideas, and our specialists will bring it to life.

• Huge savings. Yes, yes, you didn't hear it. While 2D content development is not cheap, savvy marketers claim that animated videos are more cost effective. In order to develop the material, there is no need to purchase special tools and equipment, pay for the set and the services of actors and other personnel.

For most companies, anime-style video content is a versatile means to an end. The fact is that staged content options will not be affordable for every organization; it is not always possible to report with the right people. Moreover, not every business can show something, because many companies are content with only one small office on the edge of the city. It is such an advertising tool that will be the best way to declare yourself outside the box and loudly, noticeably stand out against the background of other companies.

Turnkey animation videos by the best specialists

Our company is successfully working in the field of creating animated videos for business. A huge number of projects of our specialists today can be seen not only on television, but also on the Internet. We offer a range of services:

• development of budget animation videos;
• development of videos with infographics;
• development of DOODLE videos;
• creating videos for social networks;
• creation of animated videos with real people;
• the most favorable prices for their services.

You can always order professional animation videos for business in any language with exclusive voice acting from us.

What is the cost of animation video content creation services?

When deciding to use such an advertising tool, for sure, each client asks about the cost of the services of specialists in this area. It will be difficult to unequivocally answer this question, since the price depends on various factors, however, it is possible to outline the main criteria for price formation, which are as follows:

• Prices for 2D videos with characters will be lower than those for 3D graphics. The first option is used more often and allows you to show rather complex details as simply as possible and, accordingly, save money.
• The cost of services will depend on the complexity of the animation. Despite the fact that the 2D format is more popular, in recent years large companies are preferring mixed video materials that include 2D and 3D graphics.

The cost of an animated commercial will depend on the music. You can choose from free and paid music, as well as compositions written by the composer to order.

• Timing. Of course, shorter materials will be cheaper, while longer versions will be much more expensive. One way or another, developing such tools, specialists are guided by certain rules and principles of creating high-quality and professional video clips for business in order to achieve the maximum effect on the viewer from the show.
• Voice acting. The final cost of services will also be affected by the complexity of the voice acting, the presence of a speaker.
• The term of the service. The process of creating animated advertising videos is not easy, but, despite this, there are often cases when a client needs urgent material development. In this case, the cost of services will increase.

When deciding to order 2D promotional videos, you can find out the preliminary cost from our specialists. The final price of services will be announced only after a detailed discussion of the project and filling in the Checklist with questions about your business and your preferences.