Automobile branding

Express advertising on automobiles is believed to have appeared over a hundred years ago in America. Starting with trams and buses, it gradually moved on to passenger models. Today, automobile branding is widespread throughout the world, and it is gaining momentum in Russia.

The cost of branding vehicles depends on the automobile class such as A, B, C, D, CE, DE.

However, people applied such a way to declare themselves and increase their awareness in society back in the Middle Ages. In noble families, the symbolism associated with the surname was treated with great respect - it adorned many household items (jewelry, clothing, weapons, armor, carriages and much more), handkerchiefs, books, letter paper were supplied with monograms. This technique quickly became part of state status - in the modern world, ministries own, among other things, equipment decorated with their own, special insignia.
We can confidently assume that the messages on the sides of cars are an excellent technique for attracting the target audience. It is a kind of an opportunity of reminding about yourself not only in the settlement itself, but also outside it. Many firms and enterprises use branding today as the cost of services is low, and the benefits are enormous. This effect is difficult to achieve from any other type of advertising, because the productivity of this method has been tested and confirmed by time.

About branding

Express advertising is applied on the sides - the logo, company symbols, slogan. In other words, it includes everything that can instantly interest a potential buyer or consumer of services. This is a very effective technique, since the glued sides are immediately visible even in heavy traffic. Often such a marketing ploy is used by corporate firms that have their own vehicle fleet.

Who needs automobile branding

Branding is for everyone who needs a productive promotion. The more consumers know about the capabilities of an enterprise, the higher its success. We can highlight the most common situations in which auto branding will be useful.

1. You need to raise your image.
2. A regular promotion no longer gives an effect, and buyers simply stop noticing it.
3. You start business, and there is a need to attract as many people as possible.
4. You need to notify buyers about promotions or discounts.
5. For holidays organizers or organizations.
6. Any person who wants to place some important recognition or image on the car.

Not only pedestrians, but also drivers periodically meet cars and trucks, pasted over with a special material with elements of the corporate identity of a particular enterprise. Branded cars tirelessly spread messages about the expansion of the trade network, products, discounts, the opening of branches, etc. The partners of the firm, its customers, the entire population of the city, including the administration, see these calls every day, several times.

It is noteworthy that not a single potential client pays for familiarization with such messages. There is no need to buy printed materials (newspapers or magazines), visit exhibitions in order to obtain information about the best meat producer, a supplier of rolled metal products, or the appearance of a sales department in the area of new buildings, there is no need to search for contacts on the Internet - for the modern pace of life, this approach has obvious convenience.

Unlike television commercials or banners, a drawing applied to the hood, trunk or doors works effectively with a logo, organization or brand name, symbols and contact information. At the same time, ordering this service is inexpensive, and if notifications are posted on their own equipment (owned by the enterprise), the organization pays nothing for displaying messages. And if the transport is rented, then only its rent is paid.

Even one single employee traveling in a car with an advertisement contributes to its rapid distribution. It has long been known that a moving object looks much more attractive than a static one. The appearance at the most unexpected points and bright, contrasting colors make the branded models stand out from the whole environment.


As a rule, all stickers - both small and voluminous - are very bright and are located at eye level, so they are well remembered. Such placement gives express advertising on vehicles an undeniable advantage over banners hanging high overhead.

In addition, the same taxi, for example, has a decent mileage per day, calls in both near and far corners of the city. As a result, it covers a huge number of people. Accordingly, the company is actively acquiring new interested consumers, and all of them can be from different social groups.

Automobile branding is the only "trade engine" that works around the clock and at any time of the year. You do not have to pay for rent (after all, this is your technique), investments are minimal, stickers are durable and always in sight.

Information stickers can be applied to the most vulnerable places - they will reliably protect the case from scratches. If desired, you can easily replace the material by updating the content.

If you collect all the positive aspects of pasting, then the list of advantages will be as follows.

1. Low price even for full-scale sketches, especially compared to full painting.
2. Possibility of reaching the target audience, since the vehicle can be directed to any point of the settlement where potential customers are expected to accumulate. The most effective display of express advertising occurs at exhibitions, special events, mass celebrations, etc.
3. With almost no restrictions, any design idea (for example, it will be a full-fledged illustration, or a simple addition of elements) is realized using different textures and a wide selection of shades.
4. Attracting attention - in the general flow, the branded brand stands out for its expressive design. In addition, this bright spot is not located at one point, but moves, and this is always more noticeable than alerts on stationary media.
5. Scale of the campaign - moving without restrictions throughout the entire settlement, the technique demonstrates express advertising to a wide audience.
6. Memorability of corporate colors. They become familiar to consumers, and this helps to attract potential clientele, and in the future, allows you to create a positive image for the brand and subsequent promotions.
7. Continuity of action - the mode of reporting information around the clock, without interruption, regardless of any weather conditions. You can even resort to certain technical solutions, and not interrupt the information at night.
8. Rapid production speed, which is difficult to compare with any other advertising creation methods.
9. Ease - placement of pictures and text on vehicles does not require customers to have various kinds of documents, licenses, certificates, special permits. All the required norms and rules are laid down when developing branding in the identity-brand.rf.
10. Prestige and status - in the minds of most people, a machine on which branding is present is associated with large holdings or international corporations. Corporate branded transport strengthens trust in the company in the eyes of partners and enhances its image.
11. Spectacularity, which is achieved not only thanks to the creative ideas of designers, but also the use of film with all sorts of original effects (mother of pearl, chameleon, fluorescent, etc.). In addition to the fact that it causes positive emotions in others, beautiful technology can also get on the Internet and go to catalogs and various media. Moreover, it is completely free.
12. Reversibility and flexibility of the process, because stickers can be completely removed at any time (without affecting the surface at all). Or you can make any changes as needed.
13. The metal is reliably protected from both mechanical stress and ultraviolet rays. Small defects or damage to the bodywork can also be hidden.
14. The duration of an advertising campaign using pasting can be more than one year (if you use premium products). And other options for informing work, as a rule, no more than several months.
15. A picture or text is put into the subconscious: according to psychologists, our memory stores a huge amount of information that may come in handy at some point, and it is for this unique quality of memory that the distribution of express advertising is designed.

This approach allows you to make the brand of the product or the brand of the organization as recognizable as possible, increase sales and the flow of visitors and partners.

Types of automobile branding

Identic-Brand company provides a full range of services related to the development of outdoor express advertising, which is then placed on vehicles. Branding is done here:

- any passenger car models;
- personal and corporate vehicles, including those intended for delivery;
- taxi;
- brands intended for test drive;
- special equipment.

This is an incomplete list of equipment that can be used to place express ads. Experts consider any application on an individual basis, deciding what kind of design will be acceptable in a given situation.

How it's done

Today there is a wide variety of options for applying an information picture or inscription. Any company can choose the best method for itself in order to draw attention to a product or brand. The main thing is to correctly combine the costs and the correspondence of the chosen method to the requirements of your advertising campaign.


By the type of coating used, the design can be divided into three categories.

1. Making elements by staining. It is not so often encountered, since such a difficult job is characterized by a number of disadvantages. For example, if we are talking about a large-sized picture, then all the actions promise to be complicated. With a high degree of probability, the equipment will have to be repainted when sold, and this creates additional difficulties. In addition, if you need to change the decor or add something, then with coloring such requests become unrealizable.
2. Pasting with vinyl. It is believed to be the most common method due to its simplicity, efficiency and reasonable cost.
3. Application of express advertising on truck tents. Here you can choose one of two approaches: either to make an awning, or to weld the banner fabric to an existing canvas.

As you can see, the variant with painting is almost a thing of the past, and advertising on awnings is only suitable for trucks. However, an image can also be applied to the booth or sides of a truck. When placing announcements on awnings, one should take into account that by welding new sketches to the old tarpaulin, you can save some amount, but the service life of such a "pie" will not be long. Therefore, it is preferable to order the production of a finished canvas - in the end, it will be much more practical.

Vinyl application

When ordering the design and development of branding in "Identity-brand", you can get advice on all issues related to the choice of the type of application. Full-color printing is possible - the whole layout is transferred onto the canvas. Or you can use plotter cutting - in this case, individual fragments are cut out, and subsequently they are glued to the body, each separately, in a pre-designated place.

As a rule, it is full-color printing that is used when it is necessary to obtain a solid expressive picture on a decent scale. Plotter cutting is more suitable when you need compact lettering or small parts of the same color.

Vinyl film has gained the greatest popularity - in addition to a long service life, it gives attractiveness to all elements, and protects the case well from minor damage. The first film coating appeared more than fifteen years ago. This method became widespread as soon as its advantages became obvious - quick placement, easy replacement, instant change of image or notification, and, last but not least, good protection for metal. The cost of repainting is much higher, and it cannot be so mobile in any way.

Products are applied to the hood, roof, trunk, doors and fenders of the vehicle. The application technology is the same as when working with ordinary vinyl at home.


Brand Identity consultants will help you choose a design, solve all the questions arising in the process of creating branding, competently work out the details, accept an application for the development of a brand identity, and a layout.

The sketch developed and approved by the customer goes to print - in the printing house it will be printed on special large-format equipment. After that, the drawing is laminated and the workpieces are transferred to the machine.

In the event that the metal has any irregularities or roughness in color, the coating may lie with folds or bubbles. To prevent this from happening, you should carefully check the condition of the case. Of course, such flaws can arise due to the fault of an inexperienced craftsman, and due to the expired limitation of the vinyl product. Therefore, it is better to entrust the pasting to professionals who use only high-quality products, help to solve all preliminary issues and perform their work at a high level.

Features of vinyl

According to its characteristics, this material is very thin, it is incredibly elastic and can serve for a long time.

In all situations, pasting is done with a coating that has a shelf life of one year, although there are manufacturers who give a guarantee up to three years. It all depends not only on the brand, but also on the weather conditions.

There are many types of vinyl material for car decoration. In the main categories, it can be:

- colorless;
- colored, glossy or matte;
- reflective;
- light accumulative;
- textured carbon;
- with applied various patterns;
- with imitations (crocodile skin, silver, gold, natural stone, etc.).

Such a variety of colors and textures allows you to create the most unexpected and original images. The cost, although not high, varies depending on the type chosen.

The most widespread was "Oracal" 641. It is affordable, the pattern is reliably protected from external damage by a layer of laminate or varnish. There are also more expensive products - of course, their quality is also higher. This category includes "Oracal" 551, 651, 751, and 970. The thickness of the layer ranges from 50 to 200 microns. There are some shades in the range of colors, whose layer thickness can be up to 40 microns, but finishing with them is a rather complicated operation that requires the direct participation of professionals.

Vinyl adheres perfectly to a flat, smooth surface. But problems can arise if rust or chips get under it, as well as if the surface is oily and rough.

In contrast to the popular painting, automobile branding has advantages in speed of work, undoubted efficiency and ease of replacing damaged parts, or the entire canvas as a whole, if necessary.