Company Identity Design

Company identity design is the face of a company

How to distinguish a company or a firm among hundreds and thousands of others offering similar services or products within a niche? How to make the mention of a company, a product or a service immediately evoke certain associations? This task can be solved by ordering company identity design by professional marketers and designers, which will increase the loyalty of potential customers and popularize the brand as a whole.

What does the development of company identity design include?

Company identity design is a whole complex of measures bringing good results when applied together. Separately, these techniques are not so effective and it is very difficult to get a sufficiently high return from them.

The main task of developing a company identity design for a company is to create an image clearly reflecting the essence of the brand and communicating the values and vision of the company to the ultimate consumer.

Company name selection

Naming is an important step for a big business to start. A properly chosen name for a company should have a certain philosophy under it that determines the policy of running a business, which is identified with the area of a company or an enterprise.

The next step is the selection of a slogan, i.e. a phrase characterizing the company, its activity, priorities or philosophy within a particular industry in a brief and accurate way.

Creation of a bright and recognizable style

Branding - This step includes several steps that are performed one after the other. In general, this complex is designed to make a trademark unique (depending on the customer's priorities) in the eyes of a potential client.

Logo design development - the designer's task is to create a logo that will be easy to remember. At the same time it could reflect some idea of the company. The development of the symbolism is carried out based on several factors such as the scope of the company, the wishes and preferences of the customer, the main message of the customer.

Selection of corporate colors - each serious company has its own set of colors, in which products, packaging for goods, a corporate website, various souvenir and printing products are mainly decorated.

The use of company identity design is actively implemented both for communication with the external environment and within the company. Among such products, a number of main types can be distinguished:

1. Forms and documents with company symbols - all paper documents are marked with company symbols, whether they are forms for correspondence or for standard document flow.

2. Stationery - staplers, pens, binder ruler with printed logo, or painted in corporate colors.

3. Printing products - wall, table and pocket calendars, business cards with symbols, brochures and information booklets.

4. Souvenirs - one of the striking examples can be cups with company symbols.

There are lots of variations on this theme, and it all depends on how deeply the customer is ready to dive into the topic of individualization of the company and the processes of those around it.

Development and creation of branded surfaces.

This stage includes the placement of symbols, the motto (slogan) of the company and coloring of advertising sites in corporate colors, placement on vehicles, the creation of lightboxes.

How much does it cost to develop company identity design?

For each company, this issue is worked out individually, depending on the complexity, volume, and customer requirements. For example, one of the studio's recent work is the development of company identity design for a trucking company.

For this order, a complete concept was worked out from the creation of business cards to the development of the concept of banners and branding of vehicles.

In total, the following activities were carried out:

• Development of logos and selection of corporate colors.

• Development of design of printed products (business cards, banners, brochures, booklets).

• Branding of the company's vehicles, development of layouts depending on the type and size of the vehicle.

In total, this volume of work cost the customer about 1000 $, which is a fairly moderate cost in the modern market. Creating company identity design is a long-term investment. Once worked out to the smallest detail, it will be constantly bringing benefits in the form of customer appeals and increase brand awareness in the market.