Facade design

The facade or exterior of a building is a kind of its face, its reflection in the outside world. The interaction with the environment depends on external attractiveness. Competent exterior design is especially important for commercial and public facilities. Therefore, we suggest using our services.

Order a facade design with 3D visualization and save on rework. The cost of the project is individual. Check from our managers.

Do you need a beautiful and functional facade design or facade branding, festive decoration of the exterior or notification of promotions, advertising on the facades? Please contact us.

Beauty is a multifaceted concept and is completely unknown to humanity.

Socrates believed that beauty and splendor must necessarily be useful and appropriate. After all, a dung basket is great if useful. The golden shield, however, can be terrible if done unwisely. We totally agree with the ancient philosopher and apply the philosophy of rationalism and rationality (relevance) in our work. However, our ideas are distinguished by novelty and originality, thoughtfulness in the smallest details and a comprehensive concept, ease of implementation.
What is 3D facade design?

In the original version, the word "facade" meant the front side of the building. However, now the meaning of this word, which is synonymous with the exterior, has expanded significantly. They can be called all the outer walls of a building with architectural elements, decor and communication elements. Therefore, they distinguish: main, front, side and courtyard facades. Depending on their location, their stylistic design is also developed. It is also important to take into account the surrounding landscape and its harmonious combination with it. 3D modeling helps to see a live picture from various projections, as if you see the structure with your own eyes.

A drawing of a 3-dimensional projection of a structure is also called a facade.

The facade of the building is intended not only for aesthetic beauty. It protects the building from negative external factors and performs other useful functions. It is important to comply with safety regulations and legal regulations. Each project is individual and requires special solutions. After all, the facades of the gas station and the cultural and entertainment center are, in principle, completely different, not to mention the unique nuances.

3D design is the creation in special computer programs of a realistic three-dimensional image with accurate color reproduction, proportions and volume.

3D design of the facade allows you to realistically see the conceived idea, evaluate its effectiveness, aesthetic appeal and harmonious combination with the surrounding landscape. Visualization will help to identify the flaws of the project before being translated into reality, thereby saving money and time on rework. Also, modern programs allow you to calculate the amount and potential of consumables in all respects: wear resistance, durability, maintainability, heat and sound insulation, resistance to mechanical stress and environmental influences.

As a result, a 3D facade is modeled, taking into account architectural details and technical solutions. The client receives a full package of design documents in his hands for further work. We work with any facade materials: porcelain stoneware, wood, siding, granite, stone, brick, metal and composite materials, slabs and panels.

"Identic-Brand' company develops exclusive designs of facades for industrial, public, private and commercial buildings.

The aesthetics of building facades should be in harmony with the surrounding landscape and internal content, emphasize the features of the functional purpose of the building and express corporate values. For this, an identity has been created, which is highly advisable to apply in the development of the facade design.

We often develop original designs for typical houses or buildings with complex architecture, burdened with various decorative delights. Such details do not fit into the concept of the branding style. We elegantly solve the most extraordinary tasks, finding effective style solutions. Some architectural flaws can be hidden behind a modern design, or vice versa - to emphasize the dignity of luxurious architecture and the elitism of the building. Therefore, the facade design of buildings requires an integrated approach. What we offer you.

Facade branding

Facade branding is the design of the front side of a building in a corporate style in order to popularize the brand. It can include advertising design for the facade and branding elements. This technique allows you to impressively distinguish the building from many, which in turn will allow you to quickly find your company for potential clients or attract their attention.

What to consider in the process of developing a facade design

The aesthetics embodied in the design of the facade should not only be pleasing to the eye, but also be useful. It is important to develop a practical and attractive design. It should reflect the brand's purpose and mission, communicate key benefits to the prospect, and be an intuitive navigation beacon. If this is a catering place, then we will let people know about it. Gas stations and supermarkets have their own visual triggers. You should use graphic elements, perceived at the subconscious level, but without templates. Agree the task is not an easy one. Our specialists masterfully cope with it. You will find confirmations in the portfolio.

In addition to aesthetics, there are many other important points that we consider in our work. This is also the most economical use of materials, elements of subsystems and decor, taking into account fire safety requirements and legislative norms. It is also important to consider the fastening and installation structures for various materials and types of buildings.

Types of facades

Facades can be classified according to many characteristics - materials of manufacture, shape, architectural styles and structural features. We take all this into account in our work.

The most popular types of commercial facades are:

• Translucent - can be additionally used as showcases

• Hinged ventilated - easy to install, convenient, practical and environmentally friendly, have a wide color palette

• Anti-vandal - made of wear-resistant materials

• Combined - can combine several different elements: translucent structures and anti-vandal, with elements of advertising and décor

The type of finish is distinguished: hinged, "dry" and "wet" facade. In shape, it can be: straight, oblique or radial. All this is important to take into account when developing a virtual layout. Therefore, our specialists examine the object on their own. If this is not possible, then a specialist contacts the customer and clarifies all the details and wishes before starting work.

The design of the facade can include such elements as: decoration with wall panels, banners, signboards, plaques, showcases, as well as panel brackets, roof installations, light boxes, advertising visors, signs, LED boards, and other design elements.

Our work is to

• Study the structure, study its features.

• Study the mission of the brand and the purpose of the building, corporate style and the wishes of the customer.

• Develop a marketing strategy for the future design, taking into account the previous points.

• Create a concept that combines aesthetics and practicality in every element, be it consumables or a color palette.

• Create a 3D facade, prepare as-built documentation.

• Agree with the customer 3D layout and all design documents.

• Obtain the necessary permits for facade work, if necessary

• Establish cooperation with the customer's contractors or find contractors on our own.

• Carry out architectural supervision over the implementation of the project into reality.

• Hand over the work to the customer with the signing of acceptance certificates.

The computer programs we use have a powerful potential not only in visual effects, but also in the construction of drawings, diagrams, tables and calculations.

In the future, cooperation can be continued in other areas on especially favorable terms. Check out the list of services provided and our portfolio. We are always for long-term cooperation. Therefore, we do each project conscientiously with the maximum calculation of creativity and knowledge.

Building facade styles

The heyday of architecture falls on ancient times. That time period many facade decor elements were created, used in different design directions. These are columns, balustrades, stucco vignettes and much more. Each era created its own style inherent in it: renaissance, rococo, baroque, empire, gothic, classicism, modern. In our time, high-tech, post- and neo-modern, loft, minimalism, eco- and bio-styles, constructivism have been added to them.

Order the design of the facade of administrative and public buildings

Nowadays administrative and public buildings are being given original forms that embody urban cultural concepts and individualism. As a result, the buildings become attractive for tourist photo sessions, excursions and cultural events. In addition to aesthetic appeal, functionality is also important. Therefore, we need signs and signs. We develop a facade design that will be not only attractive nut also functional.

Development of the design of the facade of commercial buildings and cultural and entertainment facilities

In this respect it is important to effectively attract attention and convey the values of the brand, be it a small store, a hypermarket, a beauty salon, a fitness room or a cinema. Therefore, we propose to combine branding with advertising and navigation elements. This way, your customers will definitely not be able to pass by without looking inside.

Facade design of industrial buildings

Industrial buildings also need a beautiful facade. We will take into account the peculiarities of production and compliance with safety measures, select the best suitable materials and provide all the necessary documentation.

Creation of design of facades of private buildings and residential complexes

Despite the fact that the work of our company is based on identity, we are also ready to implement ideas for the design of the facades of private buildings and residential complexes. It also has its own specifics, which we are well versed in. You will receive visualization in space and in detail, selection of the best materials and calculation of their quantity, design documentation and estimates for contractors, field supervision. This will allow you to avoid various mistakes - from the wrong choice of colors to unpredictable costs.

Facade design in corporate style

The main emphasis in our activity is placed on the development of a corporate style. Our designers will convey the brand's mission and values, translating them into projects in the best possible way. If you have already developed a brand style, then we will create a facade design based on it. If not, we will start from scratch. As a result, you will receive not only a spectacular design of the building, but also all the elements of the identity.

Festive decoration of facades

In case your company is having an anniversary or other solemn date soon, or you is preparing for the opening, holding any promotions we offer order facade design. It is also important here to correctly draw attention to the building. Entrust the development of the festive decoration of the facade to our specialists and be at a worthy height. We also develop festive facade designs for traditional holidays, such as New Years, International Women's Day or Defenders of the Fatherland Day. In general, there are plenty of holidays in the calendar, which means there are reasons to decorate your building. We will plan the harmonious placement of decorative lighting and lighting structures, billboards, banners, other elements and their combination. You will be able to see a realistic model and make adjustments during the planning phase. Usually companies specialize in one thing - the design of banners or light accents. We offer complex solutions.

Where can 3D facade design be used?

This service is in great demand. It can be used to create architectural exterior solutions, individual and commercial design projects, to develop design and estimate documentation, to obtain permits for the installation of advertising structures on the facade. If you decide to do the reconstruction of the exterior of the building, then it is also better to use this service and consult about the possibility of carrying out reconstruction and re-design work.

In addition, you can see a realistic picture and make adjustments to the project before it is implemented. So many of our clients not only met the planned budget, but also managed to save money. We will also help you select the materials that are best suited for your facility.

Some clients neglect such services during the construction process. As a result, they have to modify and redo a lot. So contact us

There are five reasons to contact us

• Constructive solution of problems, whether it is visual aesthetics or practicality of the facade, the optimal cost of materials or the concept of an idea. Trust us with your desires, and we will translate them into 3D reality.

• Efficiency of work and impeccable quality in a harmonious combination with financial costs. You get the best for the best price for the best time.

• An integrated approach - from the development of a design concept to implementation. We bring the work to the finish line, saving you from unnecessary problems.

• We undertake projects of any complexity and scale - from the development of a logo for the facade to a complete brand book. Choose what you need.

• Reasonable price segment for services, no tariff plans. You pay exactly for the services you order and no "averaging". Pay after the fact. It's profitable.

We will visualize the project and help you save money on its implementation, select the best materials for finishing, and, if necessary, agree on the project documentation in all instances.

The package of our services includes:

Specialist advice; development of the facade design with accompanying documentation for performers, licensing and regulatory authorities (drawings and estimates); we carry out the selection and calculation of materials; we carry out field supervision. Additionally, a service can be provided for the approval of documents for the reconstruction and installation of advertising banners. We can also deal with the selection of performers.

Stages of cooperation

We have created the simplest and most effective way to interact with our clients. As a result, you spend a minimum of personal time and effort, and at the end you get an impeccable result.

• Leave a request on the site or contact the manager in your favorite messenger, by phone.
• Then we will ask you to fill out a brief and answer your questions. In the course of work, additional questions may arise, so we ask you to stay in touch at a convenient time.
• If you have a ready-made technical assignment, you can also attach it to the application. Design documentation may also be required.
• You make an advance payment and sign a service agreement.
• If possible, our specialist will go to the site for a detailed inspection. In a personal meeting, we can discuss the details of the project in a more comfortable environment.
• Then we start developing the concept and implementing the tasks.
• The next step is to familiarize the client with the sketches and approve them.
• Next, the final version of the 3D design of the facade is created with accompanying documents.
• A package of documents in electronic and paper form is transferred to the customer after entering the full amount of the cost of work.
• Further, we carry out supervision over the implementation of the project.
• We can also select a contractor for facade work.

Payment is made both in cash and by bank transfer. If you make additional edits to the project not specified in the TOR and the contract, you will have to pay their cost separately. So be responsible for filling out the brief. It's in your best interest.