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Landscaping has been very popular among the population in recent years. It is popular with house owners and house committees to which the courtyard belongs, as well as with various offices, industrial enterprises, shops, parks and everyone who wants to equip a piece of land. The requirements put forward to a specialist by customers are different, but they are all united by a common goal and this is to make the territory beautiful, well-groomed, and so that the eyes of people who pass by or work in this organization, live or rest in that place are happy.

You can order landscape design from skilled specialists knowing how to make a project. You can arrange the territory yourself and plant shrubs and trees on it, dot the flower beds with flowers and put statuettes, but it will not look like the designers who know all the nuances in this matter can suggest. After all, here it is important to choose suitable plantings and flowers so that they look harmoniously on the territory and correspond to some style. Only designers can suggest new developments in the landscape and skillfully put everything in its place. They have a creative vision of ideas that will impress any customer. Professionals with an impeccable reputation and practical skills will be able to organize the design process so that harmony and prosperity will reign in the territory.
Where to order landscape design on favorable terms

The client contacts the "Identic-Brand" company and in a conversation with a specialist expresses his requirements. Designers do not impose their decorations just to increase the cost of the service. They carefully study the landscape and soil, existing buildings and what is planned to be done and only on the basis of the available information begin to work on the project. If the customer does not have his own requirements and preferences, then specialists show the existing projects or create a new one, referring to the shape of the site and the landscape. They discuss with the customer all the details and nuances and only after that they begin to develop an individual order. There are rules in landscape design that specialists adhere to, but improvisation is not alien to them. They select individually plantings and flowers, figures and fountains, and other decorative elements. They do not lend themselves to haste, because reworking the project is worth the investment, effort and time. Experienced specialists have the necessary knowledge and practice, are guided by new technologies and create a unique project according to the requirements.

The development of new projects in the company " Identic-Brand " is carried out by experienced specialists who are creative in their work. They are young and punctual, they know how to come up with creative ideas and explain why they consider this option the most suitable for this landscape. They are brilliant in their tasks and are full of new ideas. Turning to our company "Brand Identity" to organize the landscape design of the territory, you can be sure that the work of our specialists will fully satisfy your desires, and you will be satisfied with the work done.

The stages of work by a landscape designer are as follows:

1. The wishes of the customer are listened to.
2. A site plan is created.
3. Zones are marked on it.
4. Each zone is divided into functional load.
5. A sketch is drawn in a special computer program.
6. The project is visualized.
7. Plants and plantings are selected.
8. The project is discussed with the customer and details are specified.
9. Contact is created with the executors of the order or experienced gardeners.
10. When installing structures in the form of fountains, gazebos, fireplaces, barbecues, contact with the contractor is created.

Landscaping is a creative workshop where the role of an artist is taken on by a designer who is ready to present his talent to the public. When the designer's project is approved by the customer, he starts to implement it. On our site you can order landscape design remotely. To do this, you must provide a site plan, and give the contacts of the performers. All work on the territory will be carried out under the supervision of the designer.

Ordering landscape design with" Identic-Brand " means entrusting the territory and supervision over the performance of work by various groups of performers to the author of the project. The cost of the service is calculated individually for each project. The price list for work is made up of many nuances. The price is influenced by the complexity of the territory and the material used, the installation of additional interior structures and the timing of the order, and many other factors that affect the implementation of the agreed project with the client.

Different styles are used in the decoration of different zones. It depends on what area the designer is converting and what the client requires of him. You can talk about this in more detail.

What are the areas of the site in terms of functionality

1. The territory of six percent is reserved for the front door.
2. No more than fifteen percent is allocated for a recreation area.
3. The economic part is already existing buildings or those that will be built.
4. A place for children's entertainment.
5. For the garden and vegetable garden, seventy percent is allocated.

However, there are areas where there is little free land and therefore the zones are combined into a single space.

Principles referenced by the landscape designer

You can design any site relying on intuition. But landscape specialists, in order to turn the territory into a unique world, resort to using the basic principles:

1. Integrity. If several of the same elements are used, then they should be used in different parts of the territory to create a single picture. For this, a plan is drawn up, on which a single theme of the compositions is traced, creating harmony.
2. Simplicity. If you use a lot of structures and structures, statues and fountains, pools and gazebos, then this alienates a person from nature. Designers use naturalness to add attractiveness to the area. A variegated picture can be tiring, and among the many flowers and plantings, several types are chosen for the main color, and the rest are used to play on shades.
3. The principle of symmetry and asymmetry. To make identical objects visually look good, symmetry is applied on the territory. With asymmetry, it is allowed to use different shapes and colors, but with a harmonious application.
4. The principle of combination. The entire composition should be matched in size, color, and application.
5. Smooth transition. It is used to create depth in the landscape. Therefore, the smallest plantings are planted in front, and the highest in the background, and so smoothness in the transition is achieved.

As you can see, designers have to be guided by many sciences in order to create complete harmony in the territory given to them. You can do this yourself, but people who have studied this profession responsibly and with understanding of the matter relate to the creative process in order to get a unique and incomparable project. Again, it depends on what kind of material he has to work with and on what funds the customer is counting so that his territory is designed in accordance with his tastes and preferences. But when designing the landscape, experts are based on knowledge and styles, of which there are many. It is worth talking about this so that the client has an idea at the user level, and understands that it is necessary to order a design landscape from specialists so that it corresponds to all the canons of art and the chosen direction.

The styles commonly used in landscape design.

To achieve a positive result in the design of a site or territory, you must use a style. It does not depend on money costs or expensive structures, although this also plays a role. But basically, you can feel the style from the fact that the unity of details and plantings is selected and they are in harmony and combination. That's is the purpose of landscape design styles.


This implies a geometric and well-defined layout. This is symmetry in plantings and straight alleys, flower beds are made in the form of geometric shapes and smooth lawns, reservoirs have clear lines, and paths are lined with even stone or tiles. If a fountain is provided, then it is located in the center of the site. Most of the territory is open. Natural stone is paved around the plants. The resting gazebos have flat shapes. The color palette is kept in pastel colors. It can be white and sand, beige and terracotta shades. Arches and balls, antique statues, forged products are placed in the corners and along the perimeter of the alleys.

Country or rustic.

It helps to relax after a hard day, and therefore should look in line with accepted standards. These are lush flower beds of wildflowers, a reservoir is akin to a pond. Handmade flowerpots and figurines boldly complement the style with naturalness and individualism. We use wickerwork and the construction of a village well. Even if the designer worked on the style, the territory looks natural and as if everything was done personally by the owner. It is important to emphasize its uniqueness here.


These are smooth lines in an ensemble of architectural structures and plantings. Maximum naturalness and harmony of man with nature is the distinctive feature of this style. Used vertically growing and climbing plants on the facades of buildings. Paths and paths are paved with natural stone. There must be a reservoir here. Mostly green is present, but you can dilute it with various shades.
  • Provence.
The use of clear forms and boundaries, even if it is a small area and there are plantings of fruit and ornamental trees, this is the basis of this style. Everything should be in small quantities and fit organically on the site. Red brick is used for finishing lawns and paths. The personality of the style is given by a variety of curly flowers and roses.

• Japanese.

It is distinguished by its diminutiveness, where the entire area is used rationally. It should have an outlook and peace of mind. Clear geometric shapes and lines, a natural reservoir and decorative stones are all inherent in this style. The entire territory is designed with meaning and based on the symbolism that is in Japan. Bamboo fences and trimmed tree crowns, colorful flowers and stone hedges should all look natural and asymmetrical.

• Modern.

Differs in high cost, where there must be a tennis court and a large swimming pool. Here, comfort is felt in everything and a minimum of jewelry is used. This is another room that is open-air or canopy. Everything is arranged symmetrically and has clear contours. There is no symbolism here, but there is an individual style of the territory owner. There is a house on it and there is an open space around it, where there are no thickets of bushes and trees. They are positioned so that every corner of the site is visible.

• Chinese.

Everything that is present here has its own symbolism. There must be a reservoir that is not lined with any material. Natural stones are located along the entire perimeter of the site, making it a space object. The stones laid out in a slide and without vegetation are what distinguishes the Chinese style in landscape design. There should be a place on the site for various types of plantings. It can be exotic, ornamental, and fruit trees. If flowers of various shapes and colors are planted, then the maximum luminous flux should be reflected on them.

• High tech.

The latest materials are used in the implementation of the project in this style. Both symmetry and asymmetry are applied. If you look at the design of a site in high-tech, then the impression should be created that the person is in the future tense. Unusual forms of plantings and bright colors of flowers draw the attention of visitors to the territory. The reservoirs are made in the most unusual forms. The building material used is different in texture and color. Boldness in the design of the site is present in everything. But ideas thought out by designers should be easy to clean and clean so that busy people do not have to spend a lot of time on these processes. This is the convenience of being in the territory and a maximum of plants with a trimmed crown and a flower garden on a green background using lamps in the form of balls, which gives charm and sophistication to the site.

• Moorish.

Lush vegetation is made in the form of oriental ornaments. Correct and even lines and shapes in sidewalks and paths, a beautiful fountain and a pond, flower gardens and a maximum of places for relaxation in the form of awnings and gazebos are what is inherent in this style in landscape design. There is no fuss here and birds of paradise sing in cages, which you can listen to for hours sitting on the trestle bed and sipping aromatic tea. The pond should not be deep and small in size, because this personifies the respect for water. The bubbling fountain and the scent of flowers relaxes on a sultry day. A prerequisite is a stone fence or hedge, which separates the paradise from the outside world.

• Eastern.

It can even be located on a plot of three acres. This is a style where sunlight and an abundance of succulent plants of various colors are important. If there is a building on the site, then its roof should be made in the form of a dome, and the courtyard should be closed on all sides. The presence of a gazebo is encouraged and there should be lancet windows in it. Mosaic and stained glass, stone and colored tiles, flower beds in the form of carpets and in the middle of the plot there is a round pool, all that characterizes the oriental style.

• Exotic.

The color of the jungle that exists in tropical Brazil is difficult to create in some areas of our homeland, but it is within the power of experienced landscape designers. Hedges and wooden platforms, corners of sunlight and flowers with a riot of colors, handmade accessories and a lot of stones and sand are exotic. If there is a vegetable garden on the site, then it is fenced with a wooden fence in the form of poles.


This style is easy to maintain, although very picturesque, but it is created on a slope that can be created artificially. Large stones are necessarily used in the design among which multi-colored flowers grow, as well as murmuring ponds, fountains and waterfalls with paths and bridges. This is a landscape of the Alps, where you can breathe easily and spaciously. Light colors are maintained, on which purple flowers look good.

• Free.

This style originated in England and complete relaxation and unity with nature is important here. The compositions are performed in a natural and natural way according to the local relief. There may be sunny meadows and flower beds, ponds and garden paths, but all this should be harmoniously combined, and each time you walk a new view opens up.

As you can see, a variety of styles in landscape designing provides a field for experienced professionals if the customer wants to get a stylish territory on his site. It is difficult to cope with the task without specialists. You can contact our company "Identic-Brand" for professional help.