Order Interior Design

Everybody is seeking to design the space in accordance with his preferences and tastes. Some people like the modern style of decoration, while others prefer classic or modern. But all home and office owners have the same requirement. They want to feel comfortable there under any condition. You can order interior design from experienced specialists. They work together with the owner of the property and agree on all the nuances arising in the replanning of the housing. They help make the choice of style in the design of each room and with the proper use of building materials or the arrangement of furniture. You can order interior design in many companies, but the choice of a design studio should be approached thoroughly and referring to the experience of designers. The professionals in interior design with practical knowledge and an impeccable reputation can offer new developments in the interior and creative ideas catching customers' attention.

Where to order interior design on favorable terms

The project is selected individually according to the client's requirements. Designers do not impose a theatrical setting that would be out of place in a residential or office space. They start from the maximum functionality of the decor and objects, so that everything is located in its place and it will suit the owners who live or work there.
If the property owner does not have a preference for style, then experts offer their own vision and this can be a mixture of styles. Unobtrusive classical notes are added to the modern style, expressed in texture and accessories or decor elements from modern or high-tech styles are added to the classic one. Ordering interior design from specialists means saving time and effort on thinking and drawing up a plan, creating a sketch and selecting finishing materials, completing each room with specially selected pieces of furniture. There should be no rush in this process.

Interior design is a creative process that requires an individual approach and solution. The main thing here is not to overdo it with decorative elements and finishing materials, so that the room does not look like a museum of folk art. The choice of design for a room is the style of the organization or the person who works or lives in it.

The cost of creating a design depends on many criteria and they are negotiated with the customer. Trust the development of the design of any room only to professionals who are not mistaken the first time, because reworking the project is worth additional investment, effort and time. An experienced designer has the necessary knowledge base and is guided by modern technologies to create each new project, unique in its execution and according to a separate order.

The Identic-Brand company employs specialists who are creative in developing new projects and styles in interior design. They are young but experienced and creative specialists full of fresh ideas who cope with the assigned tasks brilliantly. Turning to our company to order an interior design, you can be sure that the result of the work of our specialists will fully satisfy your requirements.

The work of an interior designer includes:

1. The sketch is discussed with the customer.
2. The project is visualized in a special computer program.
3. All details are clarified with the customer.
4. Materials for construction and decoration are selected.
5. A contact is created with a representative from the customer who will carry out the finishing work.
6. Visualization of furniture in the finished project is made.
7. Color palette in furniture for each room is selected.

Interior design is the creative workshop of an artist who offers his talent to the clients. If the idea is approved, then the designer proceeds to implementation. You can order interior design remotely. To do this, the designer will need an architectural project of residential real estate, a BTI passport and a chief manager, supervising the construction and finishing works.

Ordering interior design from a designer means entrusting your home, apartment or office to the author's vision and supervision over the performance of work by various groups of performers according to the approved project by the client. The cost of the service is calculated separately for each type of order.

The pricing policy depends on many factors. It is influenced by the development of the design, the degree of complexity, the cost of material for construction and finishing works, the timing of the project and many other important factors in the implementation of the agreed work with the customer.

Do not forget that the styles used in the design are different and depend on the preferences of the client. You can dwell on this in more detail.

A more advantageous offer is the usual modern style, which uses materials that are on sale and they are liked by the customer. Then the designer proceeds from the fact that it is necessary to decorate the room with these materials and there is no need to arrange replanning. The specialist selects the color palette and organically fits the selected furniture for each room, whether it be living quarters or offices. But there will be no originality here, but just a standard look and clean renovation with a uniquely selected interior. Therefore, this design does not differ from the background of the office of competitors or the apartment of neighbors. These are standard finishes and well-chosen furnishings and nothing else. In order to get a single room design, the designer needs to work hard and figure out how to make the home or office stand out against the background of the same rooms and delight not only employees and residents, but also clients and guests.

There are several styles in interior design and each person has his own vision for each of them. Nowadays, you can often find people who do not only select designs in accordance with his taste preferences, but also do it starting from the zodiacal constellation or observing some kind of ritual or trend.

Basic styles in interior design are as follows:

• Vanguard.

Vanguard denies all the stereotypes in the interior. It uses contemporary art and gives ordinary objects a special status using unusual shapes. The main colors used are red, black, orange and green. Moreover, they are combined boldly and this brings a special flavor to the room. Many arches and steps, stairs and podiums are also used. The finishing materials are the newest and it can be suspended ceilings and decorative plaster, metal wallpaper and laminate panels. Here paintings of modern times are sure to hang on the walls, and the furniture is distinguished by pretentious forms.

• Empire style.

In this style, ordering an interior design means having a desire to re-equip a room that has a large area. This is a style of chic and luxury, where a lot of gold and gilding is used. Strict forms and symmetry, as well as the predominance of such colors as blue, white, red, bronze and gold, all this refers to the Empire style. The furniture is selected solid and made of expensive types of wood. Antique furniture is welcome. The windows have weighted curtains.

• Art Deco.

It is also called the style of the stars and it suits those who prefer to see luxury and modern elements in the interior. It is used for any environment where metallic can be the primary color. But there are also colors such as white and red, black and white, purple and gold, combined with an unobtrusive shade. The furniture has geometric shapes and is made of expensive wood and leather.

• Baroque.

Baroque is the style emphasizeing the owner's wealth and at the same time has functionality in everything. It is used to decorate houses and apartments with a large area. Gold color prevails in everything. The furniture is preferably only of expensive wood and is made semi-antique using ivory or other valuable finishing materials. The room is finished with marble and natural wood. Chandeliers and sconces are made in the form of candles.

• Country style.

It is used to design country houses and apartments. Floral motifs and different colors prevail here. The design should be cheerful and light, it does not focus on decoration. It is easy to breathe and live in such a room. It definitely has a fireplace. The decoration is made from natural materials. The walls are plastered and painted or finished with natural stone and wood. The furniture is rough and massive, made of natural wood. Many accessories are welcome here to complement the style. These can be antiques or knitwear.

• Classicism.

Pastel colors are used for decoration. There are no fanciful forms of furniture and restraint in everything. They can be used to decorate both offices and homes. The main condition is high ceilings. A bulky table is placed in the center of the room. All other pieces of furniture are arranged symmetrically. Finishing is carried out in the form of vinyl wallpaper and parquet, ceiling moldings and decorative plaster. Large mirrors and floor vases are also acceptable in style.

• Contemporary.

Many lamps are used both on the walls and hanging on the ceiling. The walls and ceiling are in pastel colors. Bright shades are not used in large quantities. Mirrors are acceptable. The functionality of the furniture is what sets this style apart from others. All items are used in everyday life. Different materials are used in the decoration, depending on the wishes of the client. The design development is suitable for all types of premises.

• Loft.

Re-equipment of warehouse and factory buildings has gained increased demand in the recent past. Designers have come up with a variety of options to make them livable. They designed various proposals to hide ventilation and visible ceilings. The specialists worked hard on the work and they succeeded. Now, from abandoned factories and plants, it is possible, according to the idea of the pioneers, to carry out unsurpassed things in design. All the imagination and ingenuity of the designer is applied here. Huge areas take on a completely different look and purpose. The masonry is ennobled, the floor beams are painted in light colors. Blackout curtains are not hung on the huge windows, because the emphasis is on lighting. Solid tables and furniture can be used, but folding items are also preferred. When implementing an idea in a loft, you can show great imagination both in finishing materials and in the interior. There is enough space where you can show remarkable talent and abilities.

• Minimalism.

It is the complete opposite of the loft style. Its finishing means only light shades and no more than five tones to dilute the main color. It can be made of various materials, but they should look harmonious and aesthetically pleasing. Dismantling unnecessary partitions and expanding space are all present in the design of rooms for minimalism. Functionality is in everything. These are accessories, furniture and decoration. Recessed lights and sliding doors, screens or sofas that divide the space are all inherent in minimalism. The renovation is of high quality and simplicity. Straight forms of furniture and the presence of blinds on the windows instead of heavy curtains are also typical for this type of design.

• Modern.

This style does not imitate any of the styles and is applied by many countries. It is characterized by smooth lines in all kinds of arches instead of doors and a combination of sophistication and aristocracy, endurance and classics. Experts think over all the details so that comfort is felt in everything. It is used to decorate offices and homes. This is creativity and imagination, romance and tranquility. Walls and ceilings are in light colors. The arches are made of wood or decorative beams. Doors are with and without stained glass. There is the space to roam. Furniture does not have a definite place, because it can be rearranged. The walls are plastered and painted, but these must be expensive materials. Modernity does not tolerate cheapness. The decor can only be made of natural materials and compositions of fresh flowers. It cannot stand everyday life. This is a holiday in everything.

• Provence.

It is good by many reasons. This is the story of each thing, and simplicity, luxury and restraint, romance and inspiration from airiness. Walls and ceilings are made in light colors and finished with decorative plaster. Large windows and openings are rounded. An abundance of decor is in the form of figurines and vases, paintings and fresh flowers in pots. There is no fuss here and everything reminds of every season. Tiles, parquet or laminate are laid on the floor. Everything looks natural and organic. Semi-antique furniture or made of natural wood.

• Scandinavian style.

It is characterized by wide openings in windows and doors with the least amount of decor in the rooms is Scandinavia. Ethnicity is evident in everything. This is the use of white, and natural finishing materials, and functional furniture, and floors made of light wood, and a fireplace lined with natural stone, and a minimum of decor. All this is inherent in this type of design. It can be applied in offices and homes.

• High tech.

It means simplicity and lack of decor, a minimum of functional things and modern built-in household appliances. All this includes hi-tech. Finishing is made in metallic and gray, black and red colors, which organically integrates with modern technology. Racks and bar stools, furniture with functionality and pragmatism. The floors are made from laminate or large tiles. There are arches and emphasis on lighting, brickwork and metal partitions are all high-tech design developments.

• Eclecticism.

The main condition here is the combination of modern objects with antiques. Without the concept and knowledge of professionals in design, a person himself cannot cope. Combining different styles requires special confidence that you end up with a properly designed office or room in this particular style. Experts can choose a color palette for walls and ceilings to match the floor and decor. The ceiling is multi-tiered and there is only parquet on the floor and no other material, wall painting under a stencil or by an artist, a large chandelier and colorful furniture, all this is eclectic.

• Eco-style.

It is a pleasure for a designer's imagination to come up with an environmentally friendly office or apartment. Finishing materials are taken only from natural and ecologically clean areas. A lot of natural greenery in pots to purify the air and a minimum of furniture made from natural varieties of wood, natural lighting and decor using vines and natural materials, all this belongs to eco-style.

As you can see from above, in order to understand interior design, a property owner needs time and many training courses. Our specialists have great skills and are ready to offer their services to everyone who wants to transform any property and make it unique in accordance with their vision.