Store layout design

Store layout design plays an important role in the success of the business and in monthly profits increase. The store owners face the maximum of tasks to promote their business project. They do not have to understand the intricacies of this topic. This should be entrusted to a team of professionals. The main stages of creating a space design include planning work, thinking through the technical side of the project to implement plans and decorating (up to the introduction of the smallest design details). High-quality design implies a functional organization of the sales area, lighting of all areas, as well as their beneficial visual design. Workspace design can be a bonus for your staff.

Benefits of ordering a store layout design

Retail space design is part of the marketing promotion. Finding ready-made solutions that suit you is not an easy task. After all, each room has its own specifics and individuality, with its owner - personal (and sometimes network) requests. Design promotes business success through enhancement. The design principles are the same for all stores, despite the differences identified between them. This is the achievement of balance and harmony, the placement of accents, the account of proportions, the unity of all sections on a general scale.
Creative, elegant, minimalistic style, hi-tech, loft, etc. The design is different. The design of the sales area helps to form an image, promotes individual products (by product categories or trade marks), and attracts a clients. In general, the level of sales with a successful store design increases. Creation of a project "useful" for business and an original interior is the most important task for designers. It should be trusted exclusively by a company that employs professionals in their field.

Sales are the key objective of any store. Design helps a lot. The first thing a person sees when entering a store is the environment around him. Then other marketing moves come into play to attract customers. For example, they include location of promotions and lucrative offers at the entrance. A person entering a store is fascinated by the local atmosphere and assortment from the very beginning. Further, as he moves in space, he is already ready to make purchases from a more expensive product segment. A successful store design (including a successfully implemented one) accompanies it throughout the entire shopping process.

The flight of a designer's creative thought can be expressed to varying degrees, based on the specifics of interaction with a specific customer. If the customer has no wishes and preferences regarding the planned work, then a team of specialists will help to form them. Professionals can also work in a more clearly delineated framework. Modern technologies help to visualize the interior and exterior of the premises in 3D form even before any work is carried out. This is a voluminous sample that helps the store owner fully appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of design. A full presentation of the result allows you to make timely adjustments to the design project. For this, the staff of the company providing design services must have good practical knowledge and experience in working with modern computer technology

What influences the process of creating a design project

Store design should consider the following:

• it corresponds to the corporate identity (of a separate outlet or retail network);
• it helps create a supportive shopping environment for visitors;
• it corrects the spatial imperfections of the premises (laid down, most often, during construction or further redevelopment);
• it has all available commercial equipment in terms of quantity and volume.

The main thing that will affect the creation of a store's design project is the architecture of the building itself, in which it is located. Here it is necessary to take into account the need to study not only the hall where the trade itself is carried out. An important aspect is the inclusion in the project of utility rooms, warehouses and rooms for staff. In general, the store owner decides on his own about the need for design solutions for these premises. They can focus exclusively on organizing the retail space. That is, to the shopping area. But even in this case, work spaces should not be conspicuous for customers and distract them from the main purpose of visiting the store.

In addition to direct limitations or opportunities, all aspects of the store's activities are taken into account in design.

Such as:

• positioning of the store (format of sales implementation, nature of service);
• unique selling propositions;
• target customer audience;
• range;
• price segment of goods.

Store design can serve different purposes. It can be budgetary or involving significant costs (both at the design stage and the implementation of ideas). Ordering a design service is relevant for store owners at the initial opening stage or as part of market promotion and rebranding.

Correct zoning in store design

Stores can be completely different. Clothing stores, grocery stores, children's goods, jewelry, household appliances, bookstores, etc. Zoning of any store is a key tool to improve trade efficiency. For this, it is necessary to clearly define the assortment categories. Products from each group should be located in their own place in the hall. The correct commodity neighborhood next to them is also determined. When zoning, experts determine the products that attract most of the buyers. They are referred to as streaming. Correct adjustment of the route of visitors through the store ensures an increase in the amount of purchases. For this, the path must pass through a larger number of assortment zones. Route development involves taking into account many aspects: the visibility of the sales area, the placement of advertisements (including in the form of racks or equipment), layout and navigation.

The effectiveness of the layout of the sales area is ensured by a number of rules. Its goal is to organize the passage of visitors along the entire perimeter and along the inner aisles of the trading floor. At the same time, comfortable movement and ease of orientation of buyers are achieved. There should be enough space between different assortment products to save used space without compromising the level of comfort for visitors. Shop equipment needs to be positioned conveniently for buyers and effectively to increase sales.

The zoning of a supermarket or store depends on the square and shape of the hall. The rectangular shape of the room is often found. "Rectangle" is the most convenient for planning customer flows and staging equipment. The simplicity and clarity of the shape of the hall ensures that the attention of visitors is focused on the range of goods, and not on architectural delights. But experienced designers can handle spaces that are round, square or otherwise. The location of the entrance to the store, as well as directly to the retail space, becomes important. Movement in the store (like any spontaneous movement of people in space) often occurs counterclockwise. This explains the location of the entrance to the right. In addition, most of the population is right-handed, so such a right-handed approach and the shelves on the right are most convenient for them.

Materials and colors used

The variety of materials available on the market will help to give the store a colorful and interesting look. They differ in their performance and visual characteristics. Including texture and color scheme. Such richness helps to realize even the most daring ideas of the authors of the design.

Things used for interior decoration are:

• paint;
• ceramic tile;
• wall panels;
• wood;
• brick;
• artificial and natural stone;
• etc.

The ceilings are sheathed with PVC panels or plasterboard. As a design solution, the ceiling can remain open, "exposing" the ventilation system. The choice of materials depends on the assortment of the store. When designing a grocery store interior design, preference is often given to easy-to-clean surfaces and durable materials. They will actively contact moisture and be affected by odors. The racks must be strong and not deformed when interacting with the product.

Specificity of using color in store design

Green is considered the most favorable color for perception. Therefore, it often becomes relevant for store design. Owners are not scared by bright colors like red and orange. They help to attract the attention of buyers. Yellow disposes to purchases unobtrusively and softly. Turquoise shades can add freshness to the design. Blue is quite rare, but against the background of their reduced popularity, they can become a highlight of the store. Selected innovators are ready for dark colors, right down to black. However, such delights are available to non-standard and rather elite non-grocery stores.

In general, the offers and opportunities are varied. Designers will build on the preferences expressed by the store owner, and will also give their own recommendations for better identifying zones and creating a positive visual effect for visitors. It should be noted that 3D design technologies allow the use of any of the colors and shades. The difficulty lies in the further selection of factual materials in the hardware store for the created design. This should be approached carefully and with high professionalism.

Why you should advise brand identity.rf

We are able to develop the design of a supermarket or other store of any complexity, taking into account the different wishes of the owner, as well as the finances laid down for these purposes. Our experts are engaged in zoning the premises, including for product groups and in accordance with the needs of the target audience. We help to express your customer focus in design, which is beneficial in terms of increasing sales. The buyer should feel comfortable and free here. This increases the time spent in the store within the framework of a single arrival, the motivation is formed to return here again and again. Not only direct advertising, but also good reviews from visitors will contribute to the popularization of this place. This ensures an increase in the customer base, customer satisfaction with purchases and sales growth.

Why is it profitable to contact us for store design:

• we guarantee prices that reflect the quality of the work carried out and changes made to the activities of your store;
• the experience of our specialists allows us to solve problems of any complexity - up to the creation of a new commercial image and brand for the store;
• we carry out design work on a turnkey basis, saving your time;
• brand identity. Rf meets the customer halfway and adjusts to his needs and the budget laid down for the design of the supermarket or store.

When interviewing a customer, the designer and other responsible personnel pay attention to the current design options. An acquaintance with the materials used, in which price segment they belong and for what one or the other are best suited. A design solution from our company will emphasize the uniqueness and individuality of your store. The main focus is on your competitive advantage over other stores from this market segment. But not too intrusive for the buyer.

What awaits you when cooperating with us:

1. There is a discussion of all the nuances and the actual signing of a bilateral agreement. This is accompanied by measuring and viewing the technical plan of the room.
2. The project is visualized in a special computer program in 2D and 3D projections.
3. A list of recommendations for the selection of all building and finishing materials, colors and furniture is formed.
4. Having prepared all the materials, brand identity.rf contacts third-party contractors (with whom the customer has an agreement on cooperation).

The work can be carried out remotely without personal interaction, but with close contact with the customer and viewing the documentation provided by him. This is how the high quality of the services provided to the customer is maintained. As a result, you get a deeply worked out project with your specifications and names of all the necessary materials.

As a result of the work done, you will see:

• that every square meter of a store or supermarket is used profitably;
• there will be no dead-end and dead zones when walking around the store;
• the hall will ensure a constant circulation of customer flows.

Brand identity has been on the market for a long time, providing services in the field of marketing and advertising. Over the years of work, we have managed to work with many clients, some of whom have contacted us more than once. The pricing policy for our services depends on many factors. This is the degree of complexity and the amount of work, shop prices for purchased materials (for construction and decoration), etc. Among other things, you can pay attention to other services of the company aimed at improving the operation of your store. In addition to the design of the premises, we propose to carry out naming, branding for you, register a trademark with Rospatent, etc.

You can evaluate the qualities of our previous works on the website in the "portfolio" section. That is not only with regard to the interior design of various residential and commercial premises. The projects are varied and individual, adapting to your personal needs and store history (which sometimes needs to be corrected with design).


The modern commodities market offers the buyer a choice of visiting a variety of retail outlets. These are branches of a network trade business and stores operating independently. Store layout design reflects both its belonging to a famous chain and having its own when done by professionals. The visual component is often the basis for forming the final opinion about the store. Shopping needs to be done in a pleasant atmosphere so that it delivers satisfactory monthly bottom line. That is, the organization of the space should provide the buyer with comfort and provide a simple orientation in space. The correct layout and an attractive visual image direct the visitor to different zones, which is beneficial for raising the level of sales.