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Having their own websites for commercial companies is an important attribute today. The number of Internet users is constantly increasing. And more than half of users regularly use smartphones to search for information and order services via the Internet. Therefore, being online for a company is very important to run a successful business. The team of "Identic-brand" specialists offers the creation of websites for commercial organizations and individuals. We will help you create and launch a modern high-quality resource.

Why should commercial companies launch their website?

You can name a huge number of reasons and specific situations when a site for business will be very useful. The main benefits are presented below.

Presentation of your services and products. The Internet is an excellent platform as a showcase for products and services. It doesn't matter if the products are physical or digital.

Attracting new customers and increasing sales. Your own website is a great option for attracting new customers. It allows companies to make a name for themselves and even significantly increase sales through e-commerce and online marketing.

Improving reputation. This is one of the most important reasons for building your own website. It is believed today that a company does not actually exist if it is not represented on the Internet. Therefore, the launch of its resource will increase customer confidence and provide an attractive brand image.
Professional web design for companies

Our company offers web design services for commercial companies. Our specialists have extensive experience in working with small, medium and large businesses. We will make a modern design adapted to all types of devices. The advantage of our services is that design is aimed at successful business development. We offer website development with an individual approach to each client, carefully considering the prospects for the development of the company and the goals that it wants to achieve.

Many web design companies do not pay enough attention to the strategic approach to the development of the site's appearance and functionality. The result is a template design without the necessary communication tools and incorrect structure. After launching such a resource, the businessman realizes that he has not received the expected results.

Our company respects the corporate image. We strive to ensure that the website is aligned with business goals and we also conduct preliminary market research. This allows businessmen to complete their tasks faster.

The site should fully reflect the brand, its identity and essence. It's not enough to have a website based on a template that hundreds of companies use. Design and visitor interactions should be based on the elements defining the brand, including the logo, corporate colors, and the associated font family.

What sites for business we create

We approach each client individually. Therefore, in each case, we offer the optimal solution in terms of functionality, structure and appearance of the resource. We offer the development of the following types of sites:

Internet shops. They are designed to sell products over the Internet. Typically, visitors are offered several payment options and shipping methods, as well as a number of other e-commerce features.

Online showcases. They are an information catalog that allows visitors to familiarize themselves with the range of goods and services, as well as related documentation.

Corporate websites. They allow you to provide customers and partners with all the necessary information related to the company and its services. Allows you to attract new customers using contact forms or calls.

Landing pages. Web pages for the sale of a specific product (group of products) or service.

Internal site of the company. This is a special space on a local network or the Internet, accessible only to company employees, suppliers or partners.

Features of the sites we develop

We create websites that best suit the client's business goals. Resource owners receive the following benefits:

• lightweight and elegant design, optimally matched to a specific industry;
• adaptability, which allows visitors to work comfortably from their tablets and smartphones;
• integration of social networks, which improves communication with customers;
• dynamic photo gallery, which makes it possible to create an attractive product presentation;
• chat bots and feedback forms that greatly simplify communication with visitors;
• online offer form, which is filled out by customers to order services and receive a commercial offer;
• built-in GoogleMaps, allowing customers to visually see the location of the company.

Additionally, we offer many other tools for marketing, sales and user interaction.

Features of a modern professional website

If you need to launch an online commerce or a web page for your organization, then there are some nuances that will allow you to successfully compete with other business structures. Modern commercial resources must meet certain requirements. Among them it is worth noting:

Individual design. This is one of the most important characteristics. If you want your site to stand out from the crowd, then you should definitely pay attention to the design. An original custom page will give it a professional corporate image that will increase brand awareness and drive return visitors.

Functionality. Modern commerce requires people to shop as easy as possible. It is necessary to automate the shopping process as much as possible and make it intuitive. Pages that are difficult to navigate or have errors will quickly lose potential buyers.

Safety. This is a legal obligation that the owners of Internet resources must comply with if they process personal data of users or customers. If the page is vulnerable to cyber attacks, then data protection is not guaranteed. This poses a threat to business operations and sensitive user data.

SEO focus. A fundamental task that every entrepreneur should pay attention to. Promotion in search engines will significantly increase the popularity of the resource. This will have a positive effect on brand promotion and will also allow you to get many new customers. Therefore, the creation of sites involves taking into account the ranking factors of Google and Yandex, including the site structure, page loading speed and technical parameters.

Interactivity. In modern realities, this is an important aspect for achieving success. It is necessary to launch such pages that would allow you to interact with users through social networks, reviews, comments, blogs. This will greatly expand marketing opportunities and increase profits.

Why should you order website creation?

Some business executives find it ineffective to invest in online marketing and advertising. This is especially true in cases where their products cannot be sold on the site.

For these organizations, the site looks very poor. Usually this is a brief information about the services provided and contacts. And users are not given due attention to prevent them from quickly solving problems or finding the information they need. As a result, the owner of such a business loses a lot of opportunities for developing his brand.

It is generally accepted that digital marketing only helps companies that can operate in the e-commerce space. But this is not true. Every company should have an Internet presence so that customers can access products and services around the clock.

The importance of "online presence"

The Internet is a virtual environment that everyone has access to anytime, anywhere. It is an integral part for any field of activity, including education, trade, transport services, etc.

A professionally designed website can play a key role in business development. It is often more profitable than traditional marketing. It can provide a number of advantages even for those areas that position themselves mainly offline, for example, manufacturing, industry, medicine, construction or real estate.

The reality now is that the process of buying goods and services by consumers has evolved significantly in recent years. The user has all the necessary tools to receive information, navigate the market and compare offers from different sellers.

A high-quality business website allows you to attract customers from search systems

When a person wants to buy a product or a service, he enters the corresponding request into Google or Yandex to get suitable offers. Therefore, if a seller wants to be on the first page of SERPs, they should carefully work on SEO-optimization of their content in order to achieve this result.

It is about using certain keywords in text descriptions, including relevant images and videos, and building link mass. Creation of quality optimized content is of great importance.

Every year billions of people constantly entering certain search queries use search systems. This offers great prospects for developing your own business. With the help of SEO promotion, you can attract the target audience, which will have a positive effect on income. Subsequently, this will expand the range and increase profits.

Marketing techniques must also be used in online commerce. Depending on the quality of the page, visitors make a purchasing decision. Digital marketing allows you to nudge visitors to take a targeted action. But for this, it is also necessary to provide useful information and recommendations so that a potential buyer can make a decision that will suit his needs. The site must have a clear structure and easy navigation, otherwise users can close it and go to competitors.

Being online helps develop brand image

Any company needs to promote its brand to make it visible to business partners and customers. A website is a tool for drawing attention to a brand on the Internet, as well as a way to inform about the goods and services that are offered to consumers. You should always remember that website development is aimed at achieving a specific goal: to turn visitors into potential buyers and satisfied customers.

The presence on the Internet means the company's competitiveness, as well as its desire to closely interact with consumers. The design of the website and the information it contains will be critical to building lasting relationships with partners and customers.

Sales increase

Every year more and more companies are connecting the online sales service to their platforms. While this service may not be applicable to all areas, it is a very useful tool to use when available. Advanced technologies ensure simplicity, speed and security of transactions.

The ability to access the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week makes the web page a virtual showcase for the company. Prices, characteristics, reviews of all goods or services offered by the company are now always available to consumers.

For example, if a company has an offline business selling building materials, then it is very important to connect a section with an online sales function to the site. In this case, visitors will be able not only to find out the list of the company's services and its contacts, but also to order goods from their laptop or mobile device without having to visit a physical store.

Organizations that do not take advantage of this opportunity will lose a significant number of leads. This will negatively affect sales. The potential audience will not actively interact with an organization that will not be able to fully adapt to modern market conditions. Therefore, you shouldn't neglect your digital marketing strategy.

Being online ensures an active relationship between company and customers

A company that has embraced e-commerce and has a presence on the mobile web as well as social media will be able to do better than its competitors. This is due to the fact that she will offer her clients better services, since she will be able to quickly and competently answer their questions. It is very helpful to create an interactive experience with users, allowing them to leave comments and make suggestions that will be taken into account by the company.

Those customers who are satisfied with the proposed products should be able to leave their comments or ratings, as well as recommend this product to friends via social networks. This viral effect will allow you to enter new markets that previously seemed unthinkable. At the same time, it will not require large financial costs.

Stages of development and implementation of sites

Website development is a complex and rather time-consuming process, which includes several main stages. First, market research is conducted, and the goals of launching the site are recorded. This allows you to understand why and for whom the resource is being created. At this stage, the developers must work very closely with the customer to form the best approach to the implementation of the site.

Then the terms of reference are developed. It indicates the target audience, the approximate structure of the resource, a description of the design of the main pages, wishes for the functionality. A decision is also made on the choice of CMS, the need for a mobile version is considered, technical requirements are indicated.

At the next stage, a design layout is developed. The customer is provided with several different versions of the design in order to agree on an acceptable option. Next, the concept chosen by the Customer is finalized, and a design is created for internal pages, for example, contact information or categories. At this stage, demo versions of photos and arbitrary text can be used, which will subsequently be replaced with the desired content.

Then the layout is carried out. At this stage, layout designers and programmers are mainly involved. They ensure the validity of the program code, high page loading speed, and cross-browser compatibility.

Then the created pages are stretched to the CMS, which is a system for managing the site. It includes an administrative panel that allows you to conveniently manage content and quickly publish new materials. To add new publications and products to the online store, the corresponding admin panel tools are used, which do not require specialized knowledge. The stretching process involves adjusting the layout for a specific engine.

After completing all the above steps, a full-fledged working website will be created. But there will still be no content on it.

Next, the site is filled with information. Products, texts and pictures are added to the pages. They are provided directly by the customer or by an appropriate specialist such as a content manager. The customer can order the service of filling the site, which will allow you to create content as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The last stage is the launch of the resource on the Internet. To do this, the project must be transferred to hosting. You should also link the domain name. You can purchase a new name, or use an existing one. At this stage, metrics, analytics are set up, the resource is connected to various platforms and services.

How much is website creation?

In each case the creation price is individual. It depends on the functionality of the resource, the complexity of the design, and a number of other factors. You can find out the preliminary cost by contacting a website development company.

The cheapest sites are those that are developed using a template design based on a free CMS. The cost will increase when ordering an individual design, as well as if you need to write specific functional modules. It is worth considering the costs of hosting, buying a domain and SSL certificates.

The development company may offer a number of additional paid services. The most popular options are SEO-promotion, maintenance and support of site performance, content filling. Leave a request on our website and we will consult you personally!